Codycross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: 1830s Boer Exodus From Cape Colony
Solution: Great trek

Question: Animal Part Of A Sandwich
Solution: Lunchmeat

Question: Aquatic Animal Featuring A Saber
Solution: Swordfish

Question: Common Name For Digitalis Flower Spears
Solution: Foxgloves

Question: Disciple Of Jesus Also Identified As Bartholomew
Solution: Nathanael

Question: Giuseppe Italian Director Of Cinema Paradiso
Solution: Tornatore

Question: Greek Cycladic Volcanic Island Also Known As Thira
Solution: Santorini

Question: HTML Markup Language
Solution: Hypertext

Question: It Means Snails In French
Solution: Escargots

Question: One Who Makes Alcoholic Drinks For Money
Solution: Bartender

Question: Poirots Secretary Felicity
Solution: Miss lemon

Question: Scientific Study Of Mosses
Solution: Muscology

Question: Seafarer Made Three Attempts On The N W Passage
Solution: Frobisher

Question: Spanish City That Hosted The 1992 Olympics
Solution: Barcelona

Question: Usual Way A Person Lives
Solution: Lifestyle

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