Codycross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Dish Designed To Hold A Cleansing Bar
Solution: Soap dish

Question: Being Anxious About Something
Solution: Worrying

Question: Border
Solution: Frontier

Question: Devils Supporter Of Unpopular Opinion
Solution: Advocate

Question: East Asian Mushroom
Solution: Shiitake

Question: End Of The Line
Solution: Terminus

Question: Estadio Gigante De Rosario Argentina
Solution: Arroyito

Question: French Brandy Made From Apples
Solution: Calvados

Question: Giving Back Money That Was Loaned
Solution: Repaying

Question: HST Harmonized
Solution: Sales tax

Question: Joshua President Of The Royal Academy Of Arts
Solution: Reynolds

Question: Number That Equals To 10 Times 100
Solution: Thousand

Question: Person Who Betrayed Jesus Judas
Solution: Iscariot

Question: Pete Fountains Instrument
Solution: Clarinet

Question: Radically Curved Persian Sword
Solution: Shamshir

Question: Santa Maria Basilica On Romes Esquiline Hill
Solution: Maggiore

Question: Scaling A Mountain
Solution: Climbing

Question: The Curious Case Of Button Film With Brad Pitt
Solution: Benjamin

Question: The Text For An Opera
Solution: Libretto

Question: Travel Across A Place
Solution: Traverse

Question: True Heir Of The Iron Throne In Game Of Thrones
Solution: Daenerys

Question: Type Of Medicine Used To Establish Cause Of Death
Solution: Forensic

Question: Upper Case Letters On A Keyboard
Solution: Shift key

Question: Woman In Norse Mythology Linked To Deaths In Battle
Solution: Valkyrie

Question: Wording Of Nobel Prize Physiology Or
Solution: Medicine

Question: My Lovely Chandler Tale Stars Philip Marlowe
Solution: Farewell

Question: Pankhurst Suffragette Matriarch
Solution: Emmeline

Question: Punch Tropical Knockout Beverage
Solution: Hawaiian

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