Codycross Medieval Times Group 222 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Artificial Sweetener
Solution: Saccharin

Question: Bakers Ammonia Leavening Agent
Solution: Carbonate

Question: Carving A Piece Of Wood By Shaving It Down
Solution: Whittling

Question: City On The River Pegnitz State Of Bavaria
Solution: Nuremberg

Question: Evander Real Deal Heavyweight Boxer
Solution: Holyfield

Question: Fan That Converts Rotational Motion Into Thrust
Solution: Propeller

Question: French Artist Auguste Rodins Specialty
Solution: Sculpture

Question: Inflammation Of The Stomachs Lining
Solution: Gastritis

Question: Large Thick Skinned Animal Such As An Elephant
Solution: Pachyderm

Question: Method Process
Solution: Technique

Question: Places Where Photographs Are Developed
Solution: Darkrooms

Question: Platos Most Famous Student
Solution: Aristotle

Question: Reference Point
Solution: Benchmark

Question: River Of Myanmar Mandalay Lies On Its Banks
Solution: Irrawaddy

Question: Russian Composer Of Peter And The Wolf
Solution: Prokofiev

Question: The Age Of Scorseses 19th Century Love Story
Solution: Innocence

Question: To Begin To Grow To Sprout
Solution: Germinate

Question: Vital Link Between Cerebellum And Spinal Cord
Solution: Brain stem

Question: Dumas Wrote The Count Of Monte Cristo
Solution: Alexandre

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