Codycross Medieval Times Group 222 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: 1933 Movie With Giant Gorilla Like Monster
Solution: King kong

Question: Birds Of Exotic Flowers That Seem To Fly
Solution: Paradise

Question: Code Of Conduct Associated With Knighthood
Solution: Chivalry

Question: Defeat Vanquishment
Solution: Conquest

Question: Eating Small Amounts Of Food Between Meals
Solution: Snacking

Question: Eating Small Amounts Of Food Throughout The Day
Solution: Snacking

Question: Family Member Youre Descended From
Solution: Ancestor

Question: Female Antihero With Feline Traits
Solution: Catwoman

Question: French Candy Smooth Yellow Paste Of Candied Fruit
Solution: Calisson

Question: Going After Or In The Tracks Of Another
Solution: Conquest

Question: Greek God Of Death Hypnos Twin
Solution: Thanatos

Question: HTTP Hypertext Protocol
Solution: Transfer

Question: Italian Goalkeeper Won World Cup 1982 At Age 40
Solution: Dino zoff

Question: King Turned Royal Sage In Hindu Tradition
Solution: Rajarshi

Question: Main Vegetables In Chicken Cacciatore
Solution: Tomatoes

Question: Pistol Stand Off
Solution: Gunfight

Question: Preface
Solution: Prologue

Question: Sacramento Former WNBA Side Defunct In 2009
Solution: Monarchs

Question: Shiny Silver Metal Used In Plating
Solution: Chromium

Question: To Reduce Amount To Move To A Smaller Home
Solution: Downsize

Question: Very Affectionate Parrot
Solution: Lovebird

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