Codycross Medieval Times Group 221 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Basin With Running Water And Drainpipe
Solution: Lavatory

Question: Affixed Enclosed Added
Solution: Attached

Question: An Eggs Least Favorite Golfing Format
Solution: Scramble

Question: An Eggs Worst Golfing Format
Solution: Scramble

Question: Ancient Literary Language Used In Hinduism
Solution: Sanskrit

Question: Author Of Candide
Solution: Voltaire

Question: Beatle George
Solution: Harrison

Question: Cross Country Runners
Solution: Harriers

Question: Indian Mausoleum Thats One Of The New Seven Wonders
Solution: Taj mahal

Question: Investigative Reporter Who Brought Nixon Down
Solution: Woodward

Question: Mixture Of Kamacite And Taenite Filling
Solution: Plessite

Question: Most Spoken Language In China
Solution: Mandarin

Question: Shiny Spotless Unspoiled
Solution: Pristine

Question: Small Pasta Tubes
Solution: Macaroni

Question: Worlds Most Popular Language
Solution: Mandarin

Question: Yellow Bulbous Spring Flower
Solution: Daffodil

Question: Clad Not Wearing Many Clothes
Solution: Scantily

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