Codycross Medieval Times Group 221 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: 1984 And Big Brother Creator
Solution: Orwell

Question: Color Made With Red And Blue
Solution: Purple

Question: Croque Monsieur With An Egg On Top Croque
Solution: Madame

Question: Dirty Peanut
Solution: Pig pen

Question: Horse Room
Solution: Stable

Question: If In Time It Saves Nine
Solution: Stitch

Question: It Means Parents In Spanish
Solution: Padres

Question: John Python And Basil Fawlty
Solution: Cleese

Question: Lead Singer Of Pearl Jam
Solution: Vedder

Question: Leave It To 1950s Idyllic TV Family Show
Solution: Beaver

Question: Only Son Of Tsar Nicholas II Hemophilia Sufferer
Solution: Alexei

Question: Religious Ceremonial Sword Of Ancient India
Solution: Khanda

Question: Shade Made With Red And Blue
Solution: Purple

Question: Sugar Almond Milk And Orange Cordial
Solution: Orgeat

Question: Theory Of Evolution
Solution: Darwin

Question: To Disprove A Theory Or Belief
Solution: Debunk

Question: To Pamper
Solution: Cosset

Question: Zayed Stadium Abu Dhabi Cricket Grounds
Solution: Sheikh

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