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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Accompanied To Another Place For Security
Solution: Escorted

Question: Army Unit Of A Number Of Battalions
Solution: Regiment

Question: Its Capital Is Tegucigalpa
Solution: Honduras

Question: King Of Sparta And Husband Of Helen Of Troy
Solution: Menelaus

Question: Last Ditch Effort Last Play In Football
Solution: Hail mary

Question: Musical Openings
Solution: Preludes

Question: Skin Sores Containing Fluid Caused By Friction
Solution: Blisters

Question: Small Pot In Which Tobacco Chewers Deposit Saliva
Solution: Spittoon

Question: Staircase Handrail
Solution: Banister

Question: The Scientific Study Of Animal Behavior
Solution: Ethology

Question: The Scientific Study Of Animal Mannerisms
Solution: Ethology

Question: To Cut Something Off Unwittingly Abbreviate
Solution: Truncate

Question: Traffic Signal That Means Stop
Solution: Red light

Question: Type Of Spit Roast Pig
Solution: Suckling

Question: William US Author Of The Sound And The Fury
Solution: Faulkner

Question: Wooden Cupboards For Storage
Solution: Cabinets

Question: Working Out A Puzzle Or Mystery
Solution: Deducing

Question: Head Vegetable With Added Body Parts
Solution: Mr potato

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