Codycross Science Lab Group 301 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Science Lab Answers

Question: 1st Living US President 40 Years After Election
Solution: Carter

Question: Agatha Christies Spinster Detective
Solution: Marple

Question: Blue Icelandic Thermal Pool For Bathing In
Solution: Lagoon

Question: Compressed Gases Fire Projectiles From This Weapon
Solution: Airgun

Question: Country That Makes The Cheese Called Port Salut
Solution: France

Question: Elton John Song About Cold War Girl
Solution: Nikita

Question: Fertile Farmland On Which Crops Can Be Grown
Solution: Arable

Question: General Who Died At Battle Of The Little Bighorn
Solution: Custer

Question: Picture Puzzle Broken Up And Then Pieced Together
Solution: Jigsaw

Question: Something Open To Everyone Not Private
Solution: Public

Question: Stacey Tanya Roberts Alias A View To A Kill
Solution: Sutton

Question: Stylized Angel In Art Looks Like A Chubby Toddler
Solution: Cherub

Question: Verdi Opera About The Moor Of Venice
Solution: Otello

Question: Nations Body That Organized The Earth Summit
Solution: United

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