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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Cool Runnings Is About This Type Of Sports Team
Solution: Bobsled

Question: Former Regis Cohost Kathie Lee
Solution: Gifford

Question: French Greeting For Hello
Solution: Bonjour

Question: Hawaiian Instrument
Solution: Ukulele

Question: Island Known As The Hawaii Of Japan
Solution: Okinawa

Question: Island Located Between Japan And Taiwan
Solution: Okinawa

Question: Oil Of Is Another Name For Sulfuric Acid
Solution: Vitriol

Question: People Who Select And Approve Copy For Newspapers
Solution: Editors

Question: Remorseful Apologetic Regretful
Solution: Ashamed

Question: Sicilian Wine Also Used In Cooking
Solution: Marsala

Question: Simon Liberator Of Latin America
Solution: Bolivar

Question: Sloping Slanting Askew
Solution: Oblique

Question: To Print For Public Consumption
Solution: Publish

Question: Worry Anxiety Unease
Solution: Concern

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