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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Met His A Significant Battle Of 1815
Solution: Waterloo

Question: Another Name For Cutlery
Solution: Flatware

Question: Article Worn For Show A Frivolous Matter
Solution: Frippery

Question: Devices For Cleaning Up Crumbs From Carpets
Solution: Sweepers

Question: Historic Trading Town In Mali Africa
Solution: Timbuktu

Question: Jim Singer For The Doors
Solution: Morrison

Question: Light Often Elevated Transport On A Single Track
Solution: Monorail

Question: Miss Granger From Harry Potter
Solution: Hermione

Question: Miss Granger Harry Potters Female Best Friend
Solution: Hermione

Question: Nationality Of The Inventor Of Basketball
Solution: Canadian

Question: Pencil For Drawing Around Peepers On Face
Solution: Eye liner

Question: Pest That Enters Homes And Lands On Food
Solution: House fly

Question: Pub Game Of Rectangular Tiles With Numerous Dots
Solution: Dominoes

Question: Savagery Wildness
Solution: Ferocity

Question: Scientific Name For An Ocean Sunfish
Solution: Mola mola

Question: Stole Goods And Supplies During Wartime
Solution: Pillaged

Question: Trade In Goods And Services
Solution: Commerce

Question: Violently Robbed
Solution: Pillaged

Question: Wife Of Prince Albert Of Monaco A Former Swimmer
Solution: Charlene

Question: Wildness
Solution: Ferocity

Question: Without Others Knowing
Solution: Secretly

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