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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Rabbit Is Pulled Out Of It During A Magic Show
Solution: Top hat

Question: Agitated Cranky Like A Crustacean
Solution: Crabby

Question: Biblical King Who Threw Daniel Into The Lions Den
Solution: Darius

Question: Caught Or Trapped
Solution: Snared

Question: City That Has The Longest Open Air Art Gallery
Solution: Berlin

Question: Copa Spanish Football Cup Competition
Solution: Del rey

Question: Diet Promotes Low Carb And High Fat Foods Dr
Solution: Atkins

Question: Former US President William Taft
Solution: Howard

Question: Important Matters Or Topics To Be Discussed
Solution: Issues

Question: LA Region Where TVs Fresh Prince Resided
Solution: Belair

Question: Lavish City State Located In The South Of France
Solution: Monaco

Question: Low Guttural Sounds Like The Ones Made By A Pig
Solution: Grunts

Question: Ludicrous
Solution: Absurd

Question: Mix With Water To Make Less Concentrated
Solution: Dilute

Question: Not Colored Ie Natural Hair Color
Solution: Undyed

Question: Plucked Stringed Instruments From India
Solution: Sitars

Question: Surprise Attack
Solution: Ambush

Question: To Repudiate An Error In Public
Solution: Recant

Question: Uncovered A Plot Before It Was Carried Out
Solution: Foiled

Question: Unsavory Seedy
Solution: Sordid

Question: Bergman Star Of The 1942 Classic Casablanca
Solution: Ingrid

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