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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Also Called Green Onions Or Spring Onions
Solution: Scallions

Question: Being To Someone Means You Like Them
Solution: Attracted

Question: Conducting A Surprise Attack From A Hidden Place
Solution: Ambushing

Question: Early Hand Held Personal Device That Used A Stylus
Solution: Palmpilot

Question: Early Hand Held Personal Organizer Used A Stylus
Solution: Palmpilot

Question: Game Show Host And Comedian Jeff
Solution: Foxworthy

Question: Glowing White Feldspar Gem Linked To June Births
Solution: Moonstone

Question: Male Speaking On Behalf Of An Important Person
Solution: Spokesman

Question: Musical Notation Indicating Instrument Fingering
Solution: Tablature

Question: People Stranded On A Desert Island
Solution: Castaways

Question: Pilfered Stolen
Solution: Purloined

Question: Plant Starch Used As A Thickener In Sauces
Solution: Arrowroot

Question: The Film With Shirley MacLaine And Jack Lemmon
Solution: Apartment

Question: Those Stranded On Desert Islands
Solution: Castaways

Question: To Take Control Of Again Acquire By Force Again
Solution: Reconquer

Question: US Long Jumper The First To Reach 29ft
Solution: Bob beamon

Question: Gadget Animated Spy Series
Solution: Inspector

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