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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Dizzy Spell
Solution: Vertigo

Question: Cofounder Of A Tech Company With David Packard
Solution: Hewlett

Question: FDRs Wife Roosevelt
Solution: Eleanor

Question: Italian Term For Cooked Firm To The Bite
Solution: Al dente

Question: My Big Fat Greek Multi Cultural Marriage Film
Solution: Wedding

Question: Mysterious Enigmatic
Solution: Cryptic

Question: Northern Group Of Islands In West Indies
Solution: Leeward

Question: Pestered Hounded
Solution: Plagued

Question: Re Is The Symbol For This Chemical Element
Solution: Rhenium

Question: Relating To Your Immediate Surroundings
Solution: Ambient

Question: Retaining Something
Solution: Keeping

Question: Singer Who Won An Oscar For From Here To Eternity
Solution: Sinatra

Question: The Shakespeare Play With Prospero And Caliban
Solution: Tempest

Question: Two Word Epithet For The Russian Mystic Rasputin
Solution: Mad monk

Question: Holyfield Real Deal Heavyweight Boxer
Solution: Evander

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