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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Bruise
Solution: Contusion

Question: Astrologer A Fish That Lives And Hides In Warm Seas
Solution: Stargazer

Question: Beach Vehicle With Wheels And Sails Used For Sport
Solution: Land yacht

Question: British Male Tennis Pro No 1 In 1996 And 1999 2005
Solution: Tim henman

Question: Clergymans House Provided By The Church
Solution: Parsonage

Question: Dancing Flowers In I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud
Solution: Daffodils

Question: Electrical Discharge During A Thunderstorm
Solution: Lightning

Question: European City Where Game Of Thrones Is Filmed
Solution: Dubrovnik

Question: Flat Cold Weather Footwear To Aid In Walking
Solution: Snowshoes

Question: Highest Movement Of Water Across Earths Surface
Solution: King tides

Question: James Bond Film Named After Ian Flemings Estate
Solution: Goldeneye

Question: Jazz Instrument Played By Lisa Simpson
Solution: Saxophone

Question: Losing 1964 Presidential Candidate Barry
Solution: Goldwater

Question: Precipitous Part Of A High Steep Rock Face
Solution: Cliff edge

Question: Rare Blue Mineral The Gemstone Of California
Solution: Benitoite

Question: Rough Unsophisticated
Solution: Unrefined

Question: Round Beige Legumes Used To Make Hummus
Solution: Chickpeas

Question: She Accompanied The Lewis And Clark Expedition
Solution: Sacagawea

Question: Soldiers That Protect From Behind In A Retreat
Solution: Rearguard

Question: Technology That Lets 2 Devices Connect Wirelessly
Solution: Bluetooth

Question: To Cut A Short Get To The Point
Solution: Long story

Question: US Trophy Recognizes Excellence In TV Industry
Solution: Emmy award

Question: US Trophy For Excellence In The TV Industry
Solution: Emmy award

Question: Worried
Solution: Concerned

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