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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Fruity Red Liqueur Invented In 1818 Heering
Solution: Cherry

Question: 10 To The Power Of 100
Solution: Googol

Question: 7th Century BCE King Of Judah Son Of Amon
Solution: Josiah

Question: Ancient Name Of Greece
Solution: Hellas

Question: Bird Of Prey
Solution: Falcon

Question: Cultivated The Earth Before Sowing
Solution: Plowed

Question: Currency Note In The US
Solution: Dollar

Question: Fiends Devils Evil Spirits
Solution: Demons

Question: High Profile Magician And Stuntsman David
Solution: Blaine

Question: Macbeths Murdered Friend Returns As A Ghost
Solution: Banquo

Question: Make Shiny
Solution: Polish

Question: Mozarts Favorite Stringed Instruments
Solution: Violas

Question: Mozarts Preferred Stringed Instruments
Solution: Violas

Question: Name Of The Main Ewok In Return Of The Jedi
Solution: Wicket

Question: Padded Bed Coverings
Solution: Quilts

Question: Relating To Ancient Religion Practiced By Witches
Solution: Wiccan

Question: Second Largest Planet In Our Solar System
Solution: Saturn

Question: Shakespeares Merchant Of Watery Italian City
Solution: Venice

Question: Something Said In Private Only Off The
Solution: Record

Question: To Remove The Packaging
Solution: Unwrap

Question: Two Piece Swimwear For Summer Season
Solution: Bikini

Question: Valley Of The Francos Catholic Basilica
Solution: Fallen

Question: Working Cop
Solution: On duty

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