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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Golden Yellow Variety Of Quartz
Solution: Citrine

Question: Also Called Fish Eating Crocodile Found In India
Solution: Gharial

Question: Bathroom Attached To A Bedroom
Solution: En suite

Question: Bodily Organ That Stores Urine
Solution: Bladder

Question: Country Where Model Heidi Klum Was Born
Solution: Germany

Question: Country Where The Second Indochina War Took Place
Solution: Vietnam

Question: Detachable Metal Covering For A Planes Engine
Solution: Cowling

Question: Grassy Area Between Golf Tee And Green
Solution: Fairway

Question: In US Name Given To An Unidentified Male Body
Solution: John doe

Question: Marilyn Monroe Movie Gentlemen Prefer
Solution: Blondes

Question: Places To Cross A River
Solution: Bridges

Question: Sequence Of Scenes That Condenses Space And Time
Solution: Montage

Question: Site Of Chiles Deadliest Earthquake In 1939
Solution: Chillan

Question: The Time HG Wells Tale Of Time Traveling
Solution: Machine

Question: Third Pharaoh Of The 19th Dynasty Of Egypt
Solution: Rameses

Question: To Place Things In An Order
Solution: Arrange

Question: To Worry Excessively To Endure Mental Anguish
Solution: Agonize

Question: Uranus Moon Named After The Queen Of The Fairies
Solution: Titania

Question: Vice President Under Jimmy Carter Walter
Solution: Mondale

Question: Where The Sherlock Holmes Reboot Elementary Is Set
Solution: New york

Question: Faso Saharan Country Once Called Upper Volta
Solution: Burkina

Question: Wiig Actress Of Bridesmaids
Solution: Kristen

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