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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Type Of Light Not Ultraviolet Near Crimson
Solution: Infrared

Question: Asking Someone Sincerely To Do Something
Solution: Adjuring

Question: Aviation Branch Of The US Military
Solution: Air force

Question: Beating Something Eg Cream Until It Stiffens
Solution: Whipping

Question: Country Representative
Solution: Diplomat

Question: Covered In Dots Or Freckles
Solution: Speckled

Question: Describes Enlarged Leg Veins
Solution: Varicose

Question: Driver Of A Horse Drawn Carriage
Solution: Coachman

Question: Eddie Starred In My Week With Marilyn
Solution: Redmayne

Question: Elton Johns Self Given Middle Name
Solution: Hercules

Question: Fleeing Running Away
Solution: Escaping

Question: German Prince Who Unified The German States
Solution: Bismarck

Question: Grappler
Solution: Wrestler

Question: Hebrew Greeting And Writers Pen Name Sholem
Solution: Aleichem

Question: Long Light French Dressing Gown For Women
Solution: Peignoir

Question: Mafia Gangsters
Solution: Mobsters

Question: Male Equines Who Have Been Sterilized
Solution: Geldings

Question: Next To A Body Of Water
Solution: Lakeside

Question: Person Who Jumps Off Airplanes For Sport
Solution: Skydiver

Question: Poking At Someone And Making Them Laugh
Solution: Tickling

Question: Second Largest Ocean In The World
Solution: Atlantic

Question: Small Fish With The Head Shaped Like An Equine
Solution: Seahorse

Question: Specific To A Particular Location Or Area
Solution: Regional

Question: Spirits Dressed Up To Look Like Soft Drinks
Solution: Alcopops

Question: Support For A Particular Cause
Solution: Advocacy

Question: The So Called Mad Monk Of Russia
Solution: Rasputin

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