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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Central Rounded Part Of A Cell
Solution: Nucleus

Question: Devoid Of Any Happiness Or Positivity
Solution: Joyless

Question: High End Extra Value
Solution: Premium

Question: Insulated Portable Liquid Container
Solution: Thermos

Question: Leather Makers
Solution: Tanners

Question: Leg Woolly Tubes Worn On Lower Legs
Solution: Warmers

Question: Lewis Who Wrote Alice In Wonderland
Solution: Carroll

Question: Momentum Propulsion
Solution: Impetus

Question: Ropes And Chains That Support A Ships Mast
Solution: Rigging

Question: Second Largest Balearic Isle Famous For Megaliths
Solution: Minorca

Question: Simple Sugar Important To Diabetics
Solution: Glucose

Question: Welsh Regional Cheese On Toast
Solution: Rarebit

Question: Wrinkled And Crinkled And Requiring Ironing
Solution: Creased

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