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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Chatter Inanely
Solution: Gabble

Question: City James Joyce Often Wrote About His Birthplace
Solution: Dublin

Question: Flavor Of The French Liqueur Cointreau
Solution: Orange

Question: For Keeping Hands Warm
Solution: Gloves

Question: Frequent Lyricist For Elton John Bernie
Solution: Taupin

Question: Green Sweet Or Sour Vegetable That Tops Burgers
Solution: Pickle

Question: In Buddhism It Means Cosmic Law And Order
Solution: Dharma

Question: Over And Done With Water Under The
Solution: Bridge

Question: Polluted Anagram Of Umpire
Solution: Impure

Question: Rooms Under Roofs Of Houses Often Used For Storage
Solution: Attics

Question: The Opposite Of Love For Someone
Solution: Hatred

Question: US State In Which Northern Exposure Was Set
Solution: Alaska

Question: Where Flags Are On Golf Courses
Solution: Greens

Question: Worlds Biggest Selling Spice
Solution: Pepper

Question: Skywalker Becomes Darth Vader In Episode 3
Solution: Anakin

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