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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Triangular Gemstone Cut
Solution: Trilliant

Question: Bigger Than Necessary
Solution: Oversized

Question: Boiled Dough Often Added To Stews
Solution: Dumplings

Question: City Where Anne Frank Hid
Solution: Amsterdam

Question: City Where Harvard University Is Located
Solution: Cambridge

Question: City Where The Cavaliers Play
Solution: Cleveland

Question: Coming To Your Senses From Sleep
Solution: Awakening

Question: Crushing Or Squashing Especially Of Bugs
Solution: Squishing

Question: Eastern Dollar Is A Currency In The West Indies
Solution: Caribbean

Question: Head Of The Family In American Dad
Solution: Stan smith

Question: Measurement Of Pain W Tool To Detect Sensitivity
Solution: Algometry

Question: Peanuts Character Schroders Preferred Composer
Solution: Beethoven

Question: Satisfying Placating
Solution: Appeasing

Question: Sledges
Solution: Toboggans

Question: Something That Is Satisfying Fulfilling
Solution: Appeasing

Question: These African Insects Devour All In Their Path
Solution: Siafu ants

Question: Turned Off From Something Repulsed
Solution: Disgusted

Question: US Football Score
Solution: Touchdown

Question: With The Most Dots Or Pimples
Solution: Spottiest

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