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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 1879 Battle Saw The Defeat Of Zulu King Cetshwayo
Solution: Ulundi

Question: Abbreviated Nickname Of Huge Canadian Dog Breed
Solution: Newfie

Question: Ace Ventura And The Mask Actor Jim
Solution: Carrey

Question: Beliefs Religions
Solution: Faiths

Question: Best Of Both All The Advantages
Solution: Worlds

Question: Completed The Puzzle
Solution: Solved

Question: Country Donating Trafalgar Square Christmas Trees
Solution: Norway

Question: Curvature On The Surface Of A Road
Solution: Camber

Question: Daryl She Made A Splash As A Mermaid
Solution: Hannah

Question: Disco Dance That Sounds Like A Swindle
Solution: Hustle

Question: Douglas Adams The Hitchhikers Guide To The
Solution: Galaxy

Question: Drying In The Kiln
Solution: Firing

Question: First Appearances
Solution: Debuts

Question: Force Causing Rotation
Solution: Torque

Question: Fusing Clay Into Pottery In The Kiln
Solution: Firing

Question: Ice Cream Chocolate Sauce Whipped Cream Dessert
Solution: Sundae

Question: Its Lighthouse Is One Of The 7 Classic Wonders
Solution: Pharos

Question: Just Say No Advocate Nancy
Solution: Reagan

Question: Lavish Of Superior Quality
Solution: Deluxe

Question: Made A Noise Through Mouth Nose While Asleep
Solution: Snored

Question: Main Language Spoken In Austria
Solution: German

Question: Oscar Winning Actor For Darkest Hour
Solution: Oldman

Question: Panamanian Currency Named After Spanish Explorer
Solution: Balboa

Question: Person Who Speaks A Foreign Language Perfectly
Solution: Fluent

Question: Pressed Laundry Has Been
Solution: Ironed

Question: Serpent In Greek Mythology Killed By Apollo
Solution: Python

Question: Shakespeares Shortest Play Comedy Of
Solution: Errors

Question: Shut Down And Start Computer
Solution: Reboot

Question: To Oppose Or Deny It Rhymes
Solution: Naysay

Question: Warner Brothers Brand Of Cartoons Tunes
Solution: Looney

Question: Wave Rider
Solution: Surfer

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