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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 100 Years
Solution: Century

Question: Beautiful Woman Who Is Half Fish
Solution: Mermaid

Question: Four Stringed Hawaiian Lute
Solution: Ukulele

Question: Indistinct Unclear
Solution: Blurred

Question: Island In Haiti Once A Port For Pirates
Solution: Tortuga

Question: Miami Baseball Team
Solution: Marlins

Question: Mythological Creatures With Human Face Bird Body
Solution: Harpies

Question: Noted Author Of James Bond Novels Ian
Solution: Fleming

Question: Something Mysterious Or Vague
Solution: Obscure

Question: US Inventor Of The Solid Body Electric Guitar
Solution: Les paul

Question: Vacation To Brits
Solution: Holiday

Question: Rodent Extermination Device
Solution: Rat trap

Question: The Best Part Of Waking Up Is In Your Cup
Solution: Folgers

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