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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 1960s Stalker Movie Remade In The 90s With De Niro
Solution: Cape fear

Question: Believing Everything You Are Told
Solution: Gullible

Question: Capital Of Indonesian Province Of Papua
Solution: Jayapura

Question: Dangerous Fibers Found In Old Building Materials
Solution: Asbestos

Question: Displaying Love Or Affection
Solution: Romantic

Question: Eating Between Meals
Solution: Snacking

Question: English Forest Nottinghamshire Home Of Robin Hood
Solution: Sherwood

Question: Joshua Portraitist Founded The Royal Academy
Solution: Reynolds

Question: Los Del Rio 90s Spanish Dance Craze
Solution: Macarena

Question: Metropolis Fictional City That Calls Home
Solution: Superman

Question: Patriots Stadium Named After Shaving Brand
Solution: Gillette

Question: Reuses Repurposes Object And Increases Value
Solution: Upcycles

Question: Second Longest Reigning Monarch Queen
Solution: Victoria

Question: Sudden Opening In The Ground
Solution: Sinkhole

Question: Term For A Horse Between The Ages Of One And Two
Solution: Yearling

Question: The Difference Between Darks Lights In An Image
Solution: Contrast

Question: Unexpectedly Suddenly
Solution: Abruptly

Question: Unsophisticated Not Knowledgeable Uneducated
Solution: Ignorant

Question: Where Passengers Wait To Board A Train
Solution: Platform

Question: With Bernstein He Exposed The Watergate Scandal
Solution: Woodward

Question: Forest Home Of Robin Hood
Solution: Sherwood

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