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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Type Of Dessert Baked In A Ring Shaped Pan
Solution: Bundt cake

Question: An Add On To An Outfit Eg A Handbag Or Earrings
Solution: Accessory

Question: Android OS Version Like Sugary Drops
Solution: Jelly bean

Question: Android OS Version Like Sugary Flavored Candies
Solution: Jelly bean

Question: Another Word For Wrestling
Solution: Grappling

Question: Composer And Movie About A St Bernard
Solution: Beethoven

Question: Exhibiting A Strong Determination
Solution: Ambitious

Question: Indian Tech City Capital Of Telangana State
Solution: Hyderabad

Question: Inking On Skin
Solution: Tattooing

Question: Keeps Your Hair Dry In The Bath Or Under Sprinkler
Solution: Shower cap

Question: Keeps Your Hair Dry In The Shower Bath
Solution: Shower cap

Question: Laminated Pastry For Pies
Solution: Rough puff

Question: Laminated Pastry For Sweet And Savory Pies
Solution: Rough puff

Question: Person Who Is Obsessively Self Centered
Solution: Egomaniac

Question: Person Who Is Self Obsessed To An Unhealthy Degree
Solution: Egomaniac

Question: Pronounce Clearly
Solution: Enunciate

Question: Sad Portuguese Folk Songs
Solution: Fado music

Question: Science Fiction Genre Victorian And Industrial
Solution: Steampunk

Question: Science Fiction Subgenre Set In A Retro Future
Solution: Steampunk

Question: System Of Writing Of Ancient Mesopotamia
Solution: Cuneiform

Question: The Beans Of This Plant Contain Ricin
Solution: Castor oil

Question: The Scientific Study Of Sleep
Solution: Somnology

Question: Throw These During Winter Play Fights
Solution: Snowballs

Question: US Revolutionary War Started At This Battle Site
Solution: Lexington

Question: US Political Party Of Obama Clinton And JFK
Solution: Democrats

Question: What New York Was Called Originally New
Solution: Amsterdam

Question: When A Building Is Cleared Out Due To An Emergency
Solution: Evacuated

Question: Word Popularized By Bill Ted Meaning Sexy
Solution: Bodacious

Question: Worlds Fastest Dog Breed Also A Bus Company
Solution: Greyhound

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