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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Flammable Gas Used For Soldering And Welding
Solution: Propane

Question: Frenchman Considered One Of The Masters Of Comedy
Solution: Moliere

Question: Greek Civilian Foot Soldiers Were Heavily Armed
Solution: Hoplite

Question: Joan Crawford In Mommie Dearest Faye
Solution: Dunaway

Question: Lever In A Pinball Machine Used To Hit The Ball
Solution: Flipper

Question: Light Rain Showers
Solution: Drizzle

Question: Man Made Bend On A Motor Racing Course
Solution: Chicane

Question: Microscopic Animal Latin Name Means Wheel Bearer
Solution: Rotifer

Question: Oversaw Museum Collection Or Exhibit
Solution: Curated

Question: Part Of The Body Impaired By Nephritis
Solution: Kidneys

Question: Part Anagram Of Notices
Solution: Section

Question: Photo That Is Printed Straight Away
Solution: Instant

Question: Poured Out Evacuated
Solution: Emptied

Question: Same As Golgotha A Small Hill Near Jerusalem
Solution: Calvary

Question: Spiny Is Also Known As Rock Lobster
Solution: Lobster

Question: To Split With A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend
Solution: Breakup

Question: To Stop Completely Eliminate Terminate
Solution: Abolish

Question: Tuscan Wine Often Sold In Straw Basket
Solution: Chianti

Question: US Canada Waterfalls Popular With Honeymooners
Solution: Niagara

Question: Wall Less Structure With Roof To Shelter A Vehicle
Solution: Carport

Question: When Someone Has Stuck To Or Followed The Rules
Solution: Adhered

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