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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Chinese Food In Small Fried Or Steamed Dumplings
Solution: Dim sum

Question: Direction Of A Row Left To Right Not Up And Down
Solution: Across

Question: Excessive Self Confidence
Solution: Hubris

Question: Former Soviet Union Dictator After Lenins Death
Solution: Stalin

Question: Golden Statues Given At The Academy Awards
Solution: Oscars

Question: Kicker Who Receives The Ball From A Long Snapper
Solution: Punter

Question: Musical About The Witches From Oz
Solution: Wicked

Question: Regions Where Feet Connect To Legs With 3 Joints
Solution: Ankles

Question: Sudden Strong Windstorm Especially At Sea
Solution: Squall

Question: Surname Of Man Who Created Mickey Mouse
Solution: Disney

Question: This Actor Played Jack Kevorkian In 2010 Biopic
Solution: Pacino

Question: Tilted Ones Head To The Side Gun Ready To Fire
Solution: Cocked

Question: To Concentrate On Achieving Something
Solution: Aspire

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