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Question: Away In A No Crib For His Bed
Solution: Manger

Question: 50s Fashion Named For A Type Of Dog Skirt
Solution: Poodle

Question: Bavarian City Of Three Rivers Inn Ilz And Danube
Solution: Passau

Question: Chemical Element With The Symbol Na
Solution: Sodium

Question: Detroit Born Fast And Heavy Electronic Music
Solution: Techno

Question: Famous 20th Century Spanish Cellist Pablo
Solution: Casals

Question: Ice Hockey Player
Solution: Skater

Question: Long Journey By Sea
Solution: Voyage

Question: Muriel Spark Novel The Prime Of Miss Jean
Solution: Brodie

Question: Nocturnal Carnivorous Spotted Cats
Solution: Civets

Question: Oil Large Ship That Carries Liquids
Solution: Tanker

Question: Old UK Coin Of 5 Shillings Scandinavian Currency
Solution: Crowns

Question: Old UK Coin Of 5 Shillings Queens Wear Them
Solution: Crowns

Question: Puzzle Game With Bright Shapes That Drop
Solution: Tetris

Question: Puzzle Game With Dropping Colored Shapes
Solution: Tetris

Question: Rise Up Against Oppression
Solution: Revolt

Question: Ropes Of Interlaced Hair Braids
Solution: Plaits

Question: Searches A Person For Contraband
Solution: Frisks

Question: Ten Twice
Solution: Twenty

Question: The O In UFO
Solution: Object

Question: Tim Comedian Carol Burnett Cast Member
Solution: Conway

Question: Almonds Sugared Almonds Aka Dragee
Solution: Jordan

Question: Trot Dance Of The 1900s For The Bird Maybe
Solution: Turkey

Question: Man Is Born Free And Everywhere He Is In
Solution: Chains

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