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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Antiviral Drug For Treating The Cold Sore Virus
Solution: Acyclovir

Question: Breed Of Dog Associated With Firehouses
Solution: Dalmatian

Question: Charming Or Influencing By Tricking Or Flattering
Solution: Beguiling

Question: Clocks For Perfectly Boiled Breakfast Items
Solution: Egg timers

Question: Discoveries Made After Perfoming Medical Exams
Solution: Diagnoses

Question: El Classico Soccer Matchup Real Madrid Vs
Solution: Barcelona

Question: Firm And Unwavering
Solution: Steadfast

Question: Fungus With White Spotted Red Cap
Solution: Fly agaric

Question: Instruments That Measure Distance Covered In Cars
Solution: Odometers

Question: More Than One Period Of A Thousand Years
Solution: Millennia

Question: Olive Green Meteoric Gem From Bohemia
Solution: Moldavite

Question: Prove To Be Right
Solution: Vindicate

Question: Scenic Lakes In Irelands County Kerry
Solution: Killarney

Question: State Where The Mayo Clinic Is Located
Solution: Minnesota

Question: Surname Of British Prime Minister Called Supermac
Solution: Macmillan

Question: These Cause A Severe Reaction Anaphylaxis
Solution: Allergens

Question: They Look After Sheep
Solution: Shepherds

Question: To Make Suffering Less Severe
Solution: Alleviate

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