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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Person Quick To Anger
Solution: Hothead

Question: African Are Common Fish In Tropical Areas
Solution: Pompano

Question: Air Filled Soapy Spheres
Solution: Bubbles

Question: Alpinist
Solution: Climber

Question: Archangel Whose Name Means God Is My Strength
Solution: Gabriel

Question: Cooked By Heated Water Not Boiled
Solution: Steamed

Question: Doric Ionic And Corinthian Types Of Greek
Solution: Columns

Question: Filipino Sea Between Visayas And Luzon
Solution: Sibuyan

Question: Flintstone Daughter
Solution: Pebbles

Question: Gossip Rumor Cant Be Proven
Solution: Hearsay

Question: Greek Winged Horse
Solution: Pegasus

Question: Hands Free Device Worn In Customer Service Centers
Solution: Headset

Question: Hit With One Finger To Send Something Flying
Solution: Flicked

Question: Hurt Or Wounded
Solution: Injured

Question: Inflatable Safety Cushions In A Cars Dashboard
Solution: Air bags

Question: James T Kirks Rank
Solution: Captain

Question: Meat Stuffed In Casing
Solution: Sausage

Question: Person Who Creeps About At Night And Up To No Good
Solution: Prowler

Question: Platform Used To Carry A Camera In Film And TV
Solution: Rostrum

Question: Professional Sports Person
Solution: Athlete

Question: Purplish Blue Low Growing Perennials
Solution: Violets

Question: Ralph Williams British Music Maestro
Solution: Vaughan

Question: Say What Will Happen In The Future
Solution: Predict

Question: Slang Term To Describe Someone Eccentric Strange
Solution: Oddball

Question: Small Newspaper Usually With Half Truths
Solution: Tabloid

Question: South American River Endangered Crocodile Species
Solution: Orinoco

Question: Star Milky Sapphire From The Subcontinent
Solution: Of india

Question: Tight Bodysuit Covering Neck To Wrists To Ankles
Solution: Unitard

Question: Young Female Movie Actress
Solution: Starlet

Question: Treat Say The Halloween Witches At Your Door
Solution: Trick or

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