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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Advocates Of Important Beliefs Sent On A Mission
Solution: Apostles

Question: Antlered Animal Known For Leading Santa Claus
Solution: Reindeer

Question: Fleetwood Mac Song Adopted For Formula One
Solution: The chain

Question: Immune Defense Protein Found In Blood
Solution: Antibody

Question: Immune Protein Fighting Infections Found In Blood
Solution: Antibody

Question: Isolate
Solution: Alienate

Question: It Catches Tea Leaves So You Dont Drink Them
Solution: Strainer

Question: Region In Peru Name Means Where The Gods Speak
Solution: Apurimac

Question: Ruling Like A Queen
Solution: Reigning

Question: Something That Is Ridiculously Easy To Do
Solution: Cakewalk

Question: Sprinkle This Christmas Spice On Your Coffee
Solution: Cinnamon

Question: Supermarket Offers That Are Far From Ordinary
Solution: Specials

Question: Those Who Openly Reject The Official Religion
Solution: Heretics

Question: Two Word Term For A Kennel
Solution: Dog house

Question: Very Admired Or Respected
Solution: Esteemed

Question: Rocky Portrayer Sylvester
Solution: Stallone

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