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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Crouched Down To Avoid A Flying Object
Solution: Ducked

Question: Dark Blue Grape Named After The French For Blackbird
Solution: Merlot

Question: Device To Connect A Gearbox To A Vehicles Wheels
Solution: Clutch

Question: Gets Out Of The Way Avoids
Solution: Dodges

Question: Horses Name Backwards For Murder
Solution: Redrum

Question: Laments A Death
Solution: Mourns

Question: Ocean That Hudson Bay Is Considered Part Of
Solution: Arctic

Question: Original From Which Copies Are Made
Solution: Master

Question: Prepares A Pool Cue With Powdery Substance
Solution: Chalks

Question: Scratches Metal To Make Art
Solution: Etches

Question: Sean Connerys Real First Name
Solution: Thomas

Question: Slang Term For A Novice
Solution: Newbie

Question: Slim Personal Computer That Uses A Touchscreen
Solution: Tablet

Question: Small And Smooth Stone
Solution: Pebble

Question: Stop Working Officially When Of Age
Solution: Retire

Question: The Games Book Series By Suzanne Collins
Solution: Hunger

Question: Wild Dog Lives In Desert Chases Road Runner
Solution: Coyote

Question: Witches Spells That Bring Bad Luck
Solution: Curses

Question: Yuletide Songs
Solution: Carols

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