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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 8 Times The Amount
Solution: Eightfold

Question: Act Of Invoking A Memory Or Feeling
Solution: Evocation

Question: All Are Sharp Or Flat
Solution: Black keys

Question: Come Hell Or In Spite Of Difficulties
Solution: High water

Question: Name Of Both A Space Shuttle And TV Channel
Solution: Discovery

Question: People Who Seek Relief From Reality Through Fantasy
Solution: Escapists

Question: Spread Of Disease By Infected Individuals
Solution: Contagion

Question: Star Of Good Will Hunting And The Bourne Films
Solution: Mattdamon

Question: Sweet Added To Tea Or Offered To Horses
Solution: Sugar cube

Question: Text Or Characters Written Beneath Normal Type
Solution: Subscript

Question: Two Things Or People Who Look Exactly Alike
Solution: Identical

Question: Witches Use These Pots For Cooking Brews
Solution: Cauldrons

Question: Wriggly Pink Creature That Lives In Soil
Solution: Earthworm

Question: Hawaii Elvis Concert Beamed Around The World
Solution: Aloha from

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