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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Routine Maintenance Inspection Of A Vehicle
Solution: Service

Question: Bacterial Infection Black Death Plague
Solution: Bubonic

Question: Bad Experiences Anagram Of Sumatra
Solution: Traumas

Question: Bicuspid Filler
Solution: Dentist

Question: Child Legally Brought Into A Family
Solution: Adopted

Question: Deborah Harrys Band
Solution: Blondie

Question: Floridian Island Not East
Solution: Key west

Question: Fortune Unauthentic Biscuit Prophecy
Solution: Cookies

Question: Gemstone Cut Found On A Sofa Maybe
Solution: Cushion

Question: Gentlemen Prefer Film With Russell And Monroe
Solution: Blondes

Question: German Fruit Cake Covered With Powder Sugar
Solution: Stollen

Question: Having A Border Made Of Hanging Threads
Solution: Fringed

Question: He Wrote The Play Waiting For Godot Samuel
Solution: Beckett

Question: North London Soccer Club
Solution: Arsenal

Question: Of Or Relating To Deer
Solution: Cervine

Question: Patron Saint Of Lost Things
Solution: Anthony

Question: Small Pot Where A Pen Or Quill Is Dipped
Solution: Inkwell

Question: Strongly Asserts States A Fact
Solution: Affirms

Question: TV Personality Ellen De
Solution: Generes

Question: To Obtain To Receive To Earn
Solution: Acquire

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