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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Warship Protected By A Strong Metal
Solution: Ironclad

Question: Andean Lake On The Border Between Peru And Bolivia
Solution: Titicaca

Question: Auld Scottish Celebration Song
Solution: Lang syne

Question: Bed Garments Anagram Of Heisting
Solution: Nighties

Question: Blind Prophet Turned Into A Woman By Hera
Solution: Tiresias

Question: Christian Church Service At Sunset
Solution: Evensong

Question: Dressing Up To Avoid Detection
Solution: Disguise

Question: Evening Activities After A Day On The Slopes
Solution: Apres ski

Question: Henry VIIIs Warship Rediscovered In The Solent
Solution: Mary rose

Question: Ill Fated Opera Princess
Solution: Turandot

Question: Inglorious 2009 Film Starring Brad Pitt
Solution: Basterds

Question: Like Ducks Swimming In Shallow Water
Solution: Paddling

Question: Muckraking Journalist Upton
Solution: Sinclair

Question: Ocean That Is Last Alphabetically
Solution: Southern

Question: Poster Advertising A Stage Show
Solution: Playbill

Question: Propelling A Boat With Oars
Solution: Paddling

Question: Puritanical British Queen
Solution: Victoria

Question: Rough Drawings
Solution: Sketches

Question: Scale That Measures How Hot A Chili Pepper Is
Solution: Scoville

Question: Shines Or Sparkles Due To Reflected Light
Solution: Aglitter

Question: Similar In Appearance To A Lupine Creature
Solution: Wolflike

Question: Steal From A Store
Solution: Shoplift

Question: Talk Show Host And Former Mayor Jerry
Solution: Springer

Question: Theater Poster
Solution: Playbill

Question: Type Of Climbing Honeysuckle Old Cigarette Brand
Solution: Woodbine

Question: Value Of A Number Based On Its Distance From 0
Solution: Absolute

Question: Wheel A Stone For Abrading Or Polishing
Solution: Grinding

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