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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Too Far Film About Operation Market Garden
Solution: Bridge

Question: Bruce Is Also Known As The Incredible Hulk
Solution: Banner

Question: Country Where Model Gisele Budchen Was Born
Solution: Brazil

Question: Dish Out Cards Again
Solution: Redeal

Question: FDRs Successor Non College Grad Harry
Solution: Truman

Question: French Brandy
Solution: Cognac

Question: From Greek Meaning Soul Or Spirit
Solution: Psyche

Question: Hebrew Word For Peace Hello And Good Bye
Solution: Shalom

Question: Indian City Mumbais Former Name
Solution: Bombay

Question: Its In The Air And Water
Solution: Oxygen

Question: Loud Monkey Species Live In South Central America
Solution: Howler

Question: Presentation Of A Plan In Model Form
Solution: Schema

Question: Rope Attached To An Animal
Solution: Tether

Question: Term Meaning Youre Connected To The Internet
Solution: Online

Question: They Cover You While You Sleep
Solution: Sheets

Question: They Cover Your Mattress
Solution: Sheets

Question: To Drop The Ball
Solution: Fumble

Question: To Exert To The Maximum
Solution: Strain

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