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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Another Name For The Former Empire Of Ethiopia
Solution: Abyssinia

Question: Brandy Ruby Port And Egg Yolk Cocktail
Solution: Porto flip

Question: Cheap Uncovered Seating At A US Sports Stadium
Solution: Bleachers

Question: Describes Round Polished Unfaceted Gems
Solution: Cabochons

Question: Director Of The Film Jurassic Park Steven
Solution: Spielberg

Question: Go Past The Intended Stopping Point
Solution: Overshoot

Question: Happened At The Same Time
Solution: Coincided

Question: Household Items Like Tables Chairs Or Beds
Solution: Furniture

Question: Household Items Tables Chairs Beds Etc
Solution: Furniture

Question: Humpty Dumpty Had A
Solution: Great fall

Question: King Arthurs Wife Has An Affair With Lancelot
Solution: Guinevere

Question: Left In A Rush To Avoid Being Seen Or Caught
Solution: Absconded

Question: Most Populated Of The Cook Islands
Solution: Rarotonga

Question: Natural Capabilities
Solution: Aptitudes

Question: Of The Family Of Animals Containing Lemmings
Solution: Microtine

Question: Person Who Moves Props Around For A Theater
Solution: Stage hand

Question: Person Who Moves Props Around For An Auditorium
Solution: Stage hand

Question: Pola Monroe Role In How To Marry A Millionaire
Solution: Debevoise

Question: Shining Cleaning
Solution: Polishing

Question: Term For A Russian Astronaut
Solution: Cosmonaut

Question: The G In GDA Advisory Label On Food
Solution: Guideline

Question: Threw A Did Something Unexpected
Solution: Curve ball

Question: Willing To Receive Receptive
Solution: Acceptive

Question: Wreck It Ralph Is Based On Characters
Solution: Videogame

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