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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Charlotte Bronte Novel With A Girls Forename
Solution: Shirley

Question: Country Whose Capital Is Copenhagen
Solution: Denmark

Question: Final Stage Of Something Especially In Chess
Solution: Endgame

Question: Flights That Depart Later Than Planned
Solution: Delayed

Question: Ghostly Corpse Like
Solution: Deathly

Question: Grapple In A Ring
Solution: Wrestle

Question: Holder For A Pistol
Solution: Holster

Question: In Short Statement Of Important Details
Solution: Summary

Question: Just Another Kid 1981 Best Documentary
Solution: Missing

Question: Made A Digital Copy Of
Solution: Scanned

Question: Mire Swampy Wetland Useful For Fuel
Solution: Peat bog

Question: Navigational Instrument For Measuring Distance
Solution: Sextant

Question: Novembers Birth Yellow Gemstone
Solution: Citrine

Question: Official Language Of Andorra
Solution: Catalan

Question: Orestes Revenge Seeking Sister
Solution: Electra

Question: Particularly Ugly Building Blot On The Landscape
Solution: Eyesore

Question: Places Where People Conduct Business
Solution: Offices

Question: Presidential Protection The Secret
Solution: Service

Question: Prosperos Daughter In Shakespeares The Tempest
Solution: Miranda

Question: Spring Cocktail Of Dry Gin And Creme De Mure
Solution: Bramble

Question: The Of The Opera Novel Written By Gaston Leroux
Solution: Phantom

Question: Unit Of The Intensity Of Sound Waves
Solution: Decibel

Question: Wayne Also Known As The Great One In Hockey
Solution: Gretzky

Question: Place Vendome French Shirt Makers
Solution: Charvet

Question: Tubman American Civil Rights Activist
Solution: Harriet

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