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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Anthony Shaffer Film Starred Olivier And Caine
Solution: Sleuth

Question: Antonym Of Frequent
Solution: Seldom

Question: Attention Seeking Walk Swaying The Hips
Solution: Sashay

Question: Being Vivacious Full Of Life
Solution: Esprit

Question: Cheese Metal Device For Shredding Hard Cheese
Solution: Grater

Question: Dog Variety Prefixed By English Gordon And Irish
Solution: Setter

Question: Female Animal That Has Been Sterilized
Solution: Spayed

Question: Hurt Or Troubled
Solution: Pained

Question: John One Of The Beatles Lead Singer
Solution: Lennon

Question: Magical Hexes
Solution: Spells

Question: Ocean Where Christmas Island Is Located
Solution: Indian

Question: Original Host Of The Price Is Right Bob
Solution: Barker

Question: Stirred From Sleep Past Participle
Solution: Awoken

Question: The Merchant Of Venices Mannish Woman
Solution: Portia

Question: Type Of Cleaner That Sucks Up Dirt From Carpets
Solution: Vacuum

Question: Used As Protection From Swords
Solution: Shield

Question: Used To Make Bulletproof Vests
Solution: Kevlar

Question: Uses A Razor To Remove Hair
Solution: Shaves

Question: Jean Michael Jacksons 1983 Moonwalk Hit
Solution: Billie

Question: Rasa A Blank Slate The Human Mind At Birth
Solution: Tabula

Question: I Promise To Pay The The Sum Of UK Notes
Solution: Bearer

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