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Codycross Library Answers

Question: The Charge Of The Light Brigade Poet Alfred
Solution: Tennyson

Question: A Note You Write To Someone Who Gives You A Gift
Solution: Thank you

Question: A Type Of Green Chili Pepper
Solution: Jalapeno

Question: A Wolf In Sheeps
Solution: Clothing

Question: Animated Sports Comedy Starring Michael Jordan
Solution: Space jam

Question: Archimedes Discovered This Act Of Staying Afloat
Solution: Buoyancy

Question: Bechuanaland In Africa Became This State In 1966
Solution: Botswana

Question: Cooking A Whole Pig On A BBQ Spit
Solution: Hog roast

Question: Criminal Set Free At Christs Expense
Solution: Barabbas

Question: Ex Rhodesia
Solution: Zimbabwe

Question: Giant Ape Movie Monster
Solution: King kong

Question: Giant Movie Monster Resembling A Huge Gorilla
Solution: King kong

Question: Labyrinth Creator
Solution: Daedalus

Question: Played A Guitar
Solution: Strummed

Question: Skill Of Planting And Growing Trees
Solution: Forestry

Question: Soft White Wax Used During Manicures
Solution: Paraffin

Question: Soft White Wax Used To Make Candles
Solution: Paraffin

Question: Supermodel Cindy
Solution: Crawford

Question: To Plan In Secret To Do Something Illegal
Solution: Conspire

Question: Vancouvers Metro System
Solution: Skytrain

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