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Codycross Library Answers

Question: All Quiet On The Front Novel By Remarque
Solution: Western

Question: Black Shelled Shellfish With Yellow Flesh
Solution: Mussels

Question: Capital Of Lower Egypt In Ancient Times
Solution: Memphis

Question: Food Associated With The Brand Vlasic
Solution: Pickles

Question: Jumping Off Of Building Sport Aka Free Running
Solution: Parkour

Question: Leg Dancewear Staples Seen In Fame Flashdance
Solution: Warmers

Question: Leg Female Lower Leg Clothing
Solution: Warmers

Question: Legally Managing Anothers Property Or Money
Solution: Trustee

Question: Lowest Rank In The Army
Solution: Private

Question: Nationality Of Luciano Pavarotti
Solution: Italian

Question: Not A Digital Zoom Relating To The Eye
Solution: Optical

Question: Old Language Of Southern France
Solution: Occitan

Question: Phillip Wrote His Dark Materials Trilogy
Solution: Pullman

Question: Playing A Horn
Solution: Blowing

Question: Recovering Getting Better
Solution: Healing

Question: Riding A Bicycle
Solution: Cycling

Question: Suzanne The Hunger Games Writer
Solution: Collins

Question: The Ferris Wheel Was Invented In This US City
Solution: Chicago

Question: Type Of Board Painters Use For Mixing Colors
Solution: Palette

Question: When Frozen Flakes Are Falling Its
Solution: Snowing

Question: When The Sun Is Covered By The Moon
Solution: Eclipse

Question: Women Warriors Of Greek Mythology
Solution: Amazons

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