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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Chant Repeated During Meditation
Solution: Mantra

Question: Bedrooms On Board Ships
Solution: Cabins

Question: Beethovens First Name
Solution: Ludwig

Question: British Rock Band The Rolling
Solution: Stones

Question: California City Famous For Celebrity Homes
Solution: Malibu

Question: Country Which Launched Two Alouette Satellites
Solution: Canada

Question: Egyptian Crunchy Aromatic Blend Of Nuts And Seeds
Solution: Dukkah

Question: Finishing A Comic Book Drawing After Pencilling
Solution: Inking

Question: First Russian Nobel Laureate Worked With Dogs
Solution: Pavlov

Question: Former Name Of MasterCard Master
Solution: Charge

Question: Greek Word Which Is The Root For Sun
Solution: Helios

Question: Hamlet Holds His Skull Aloft
Solution: Yorick

Question: Hanging Column Of Ice Frozen Dripping Water
Solution: Icicle

Question: Lack Of Color In The Face
Solution: Pallor

Question: Miserable And Not At All Bright
Solution: Gloomy

Question: Mitt 2012 Republican Candidate
Solution: Romney

Question: Psycho Motel Owner Bates
Solution: Norman

Question: Retired Pro Athlete Tim Henmans Sport
Solution: Tennis

Question: River Where Captain Sullys Plane Landed
Solution: Hudson

Question: Robert Redford Gambled In This 1990 Film
Solution: Havana

Question: Rock Band With Lead Singer Jagger The Rolling
Solution: Stones

Question: The Annie In Annie Get Your Gun
Solution: Oakley

Question: The Doctors Foes Traditionally Cant Climb Stairs
Solution: Daleks

Question: Traditional Inuit Boats Made With Animal Skins
Solution: Kayaks

Question: Kiss The Rubbing Of Noses As A Greeting
Solution: Eskimo

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