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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Author Of The Catcher In The Rye J D
Solution: Salinger

Question: City Where The Rose Bowl Takes Place
Solution: Pasadena

Question: Cubicle With No Light For Developing Photos
Solution: Dark room

Question: Dried Fruit And Nuts Snack Assortment
Solution: Trail mix

Question: Drying A Wet Surface
Solution: Blotting

Question: Eosophobia Is The Fear Of This
Solution: Daylight

Question: Excluded Someone From Doing Something
Solution: Debarred

Question: Group Of Young 80s Hollywood Stars Inc Rob Lowe
Solution: Brat pack

Question: Insult Directed At Spectacle Wearers
Solution: Four eyes

Question: Most Widely Practiced Religion In Modern France
Solution: Catholic

Question: Music System For Compact Discs
Solution: Cd player

Question: Native Name For Kickboxing
Solution: Muay thai

Question: People Of The Preeminent Military Greek City State
Solution: Spartans

Question: Percussive Foot Dancing
Solution: Tap dance

Question: Perform Wearing Shoes Fitted With Metal
Solution: Tap dance

Question: Plucking Hairs
Solution: Tweezing

Question: Protective Jacket Worn During Wet Weather
Solution: Raincoat

Question: Ruler Of England When A Commonwealth Oliver
Solution: Cromwell

Question: Sports Day Event With People Hopping While In Bags
Solution: Sack race

Question: Spread Of Disease
Solution: Outbreak

Question: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Solution: Lady gaga

Question: Symbols Used In Many Tweets
Solution: Hashtags

Question: The Berlin Wall Was Built Along This German Street
Solution: Bernauer

Question: The Briefest Of Glances
Solution: Fleeting

Question: The Only Chemical Element To Begin With A V
Solution: Vanadium

Question: Unloads Removes Transfers
Solution: Offloads

Question: Upwards Slanting Airplane Wing After A Seabird
Solution: Gull wing

Question: What Villains Call The Kids In Scooby Doo
Solution: Meddling

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