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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 10 Less Than 100
Solution: Ninety

Question: 17th Century French Dance For Two With Small Steps
Solution: Minuet

Question: Ancient Asia Minor City One Of The 7 Churches
Solution: Sardis

Question: City Where Bono Lead Singer Of U2 Was Born
Solution: Dublin

Question: Crisp Tortillas Served With Melted Cheese Salsa
Solution: Nachos

Question: Heavy Artillery That Fires Iron Balls Or Shot
Solution: Cannon

Question: High Kicking French Dance
Solution: Cancan

Question: Kelly British Double Gold Winning Runner
Solution: Holmes

Question: Lebanese Bulgar Wheat And Mince Patties
Solution: Kibbeh

Question: Machine For Getting Liquid Out Of Fruit
Solution: Juicer

Question: Model Of Bride And Groom On Top Of Wedding Cake
Solution: Topper

Question: National Tree Of India
Solution: Banyan

Question: Norman The First Alter Ego Of Green Goblin
Solution: Osborn

Question: Notorious Yellow Journalist William
Solution: Hearst

Question: Nymph Who Was Transformed Into A Laurel Tree
Solution: Daphne

Question: Of Or Relating To Horses
Solution: Equine

Question: Recovered From Illness Got Better
Solution: Healed

Question: Robbed In The Street
Solution: Mugged

Question: Smart Sharp Clever
Solution: Astute

Question: Strip Of Land A Plane Travels Down Before Take Off
Solution: Runway

Question: Talk Like A Day Falls On 19 September
Solution: Pirate

Question: The Conclusion Of A Musical Piece
Solution: Finale

Question: Tiny Pieces Of Leftover Food Or Snippings Of Paper
Solution: Scraps

Question: Unfair Morally Wrong
Solution: Unjust

Question: Walmarts Brand Of Personal Products
Solution: Equate

Question: When Something Carries Mark Of Disgrace Dishonor
Solution: Stigma

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