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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 1984 Fictionalized Biopic Of Mozart
Solution: Amadeus

Question: A Simple Sugar And Important Energy Source
Solution: Glucose

Question: African Country Whose Name In Latin Means Free
Solution: Liberia

Question: Animal Related To Llamas Lives In South America
Solution: Guanaco

Question: Area Where Non Active Pitchers Stay During Game
Solution: Bullpen

Question: Bring Into Alignment Past Tense
Solution: Aligned

Question: Closest Friend Of The Groom
Solution: Best man

Question: Connected To By Blood
Solution: Related

Question: Distance Travelled
Solution: Mileage

Question: Early 20th C Modern Art Movement Of Matisse Etc
Solution: Fauvism

Question: First US College To Accept Female Students
Solution: Oberlin

Question: Football Player Who Blocks
Solution: Blocker

Question: If Muscles Waste Away They
Solution: Atrophy

Question: Light Housework With A Feathered Stick
Solution: Dusting

Question: Looks Up To
Solution: Admires

Question: Oscar Wilde Was Born In This Country
Solution: Ireland

Question: Reveal A Photo By Treating Film With Chemicals
Solution: Develop

Question: Someone Who Sends Unwanted Emails
Solution: Spammer

Question: Sugar Found In Fruits And Other Carbohydrates
Solution: Glucose

Question: Tambourine Associated With The Bible
Solution: Timbrel

Question: Typical Of Non Urban Areas Pastoral
Solution: Bucolic

Question: US State In Which Miami Vice Was Set
Solution: Florida

Question: Gulf Body Of Water Fed By The Sea Of Oman
Solution: Persian

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