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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 48th BAFTA Best Actor Recipient
Solution: Hugh grant

Question: A Revolt Such As In Ireland In 1916
Solution: Rebellion

Question: Alterations In The Structure Of An Organism
Solution: Adaptions

Question: Charlie Buckets Grandmas First Name
Solution: Josephine

Question: Decorated By Curves Along An Edge
Solution: Scalloped

Question: Depression In Economic Activity
Solution: Recession

Question: Great Surprise Wonder
Solution: Amazement

Question: Having Eight Sides
Solution: Octagonal

Question: Lives Next Door To Spongebob
Solution: Squidward

Question: Magicians
Solution: Conjurors

Question: Paralyzing Disabling
Solution: Crippling

Question: Part Of A Planned Timetable
Solution: Scheduled

Question: Revert To A Previous Opinion Retract Ones Words
Solution: Backtrack

Question: Sedimentary Rock Made Of Calcium Carbonate
Solution: Limestone

Question: Spongebobs Neighbor
Solution: Squidward

Question: Sports Arena For Competitive Cycling
Solution: Velodrome

Question: Talents Proficiencies
Solution: Abilities

Question: Terri And Wills Surname In Glee
Solution: Schuester

Question: Type Of Fat Found In Both Butter And Coconut Oil
Solution: Saturated

Question: Where Your Drink Sits In A Car
Solution: Cup holder

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