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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Accepted Values Of Virtuous Behavior Like Ethics
Solution: Morality

Question: Artist Who Created Paintings Of His Mother
Solution: Whistler

Question: Benny Goodmans Instrument
Solution: Clarinet

Question: Birds Singing In The Tree Dream A Little Dream
Solution: Sycamore

Question: Flushing In The Face
Solution: Blushing

Question: Fraternity Counterpart
Solution: Sorority

Question: French Word For An Exclusive Shop
Solution: Boutique

Question: Green Pepper Commonly Used To Top Mexican Food
Solution: Jalapeno

Question: Hung About Aimlessly Lingered
Solution: Loitered

Question: Hygrophobia Is The Fear Of This
Solution: Moisture

Question: Movable Property Archaic Term For Personal Items
Solution: Chattels

Question: Naughty Behavior Disobedience Troublemaking
Solution: Mischief

Question: One Of Sixteen In A Billiard Game
Solution: Pool ball

Question: Overrun With Pests
Solution: Infested

Question: Rebounding Action Of A Bullet
Solution: Ricochet

Question: Repaired Or Replaced Equipment
Solution: Refitted

Question: Rubbed Muscles To Relax Them
Solution: Massaged

Question: Someone Is In There
Solution: Occupied

Question: Tall Dark And
Solution: Handsome

Question: Tall Dark And Like Most Mills Boon Heroes
Solution: Handsome

Question: The Novel By Nicholas Sparks Turned Movie
Solution: Notebook

Question: Tree Has Winged Seeds That Helicopter To Earth
Solution: Sycamore

Question: Without Any Joins Or Edges
Solution: Seamless

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