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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 19th Century Physicist Weather Radar
Solution: Doppler

Question: Catwoman Has This Ability To Creep Up On People
Solution: Stealth

Question: Country Where The Battle Of Hastings Took Place
Solution: England

Question: Debbie Reynolds Movie In The Rain
Solution: Singing

Question: Food Meant To Be Eaten Eatables
Solution: Edibles

Question: Influential Spanish Artist Pioneered Cubism
Solution: Picasso

Question: Items Of Food
Solution: Edibles

Question: Key Position In Baseball Throws Ball To Batter
Solution: Pitcher

Question: Large Flatfish
Solution: Halibut

Question: Largest Flatfish In The World Diamond Shaped
Solution: Halibut

Question: Money Hungry Disney Duck
Solution: Scrooge

Question: Nordic Country
Solution: Finland

Question: Sea West Of Myanmar Famous For Volcanic Activity
Solution: Andaman

Question: Seasoning Made From Drying Ocean Water
Solution: Sea salt

Question: The State Of Being Liberated
Solution: Freedom

Question: Tiny Bone Located In The Middle Ear
Solution: Ossicle

Question: Around Hanging About With No Real Direction
Solution: Milling

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