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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Fight Club Star
Solution: Brad pitt

Question: An Obsession
Solution: Fixation

Question: Appealing And Attractive Personality
Solution: Magnetic

Question: Archie Bunkers Nickname For Michael
Solution: Meathead

Question: Aussie City With The Name Of William IVs Consort
Solution: Adelaide

Question: Bringing A Child Into Your Family As Your Own
Solution: Adopting

Question: Composer Buried By Request Next To Beethoven
Solution: Schubert

Question: Dead Set On Doing Something At All Costs
Solution: Hell bent

Question: Edged Anagram Of Dreaming
Solution: Margined

Question: Evaluated
Solution: Assessed

Question: Gas That Makes Up Most Of Earths Atmosphere
Solution: Nitrogen

Question: New Englands NFL Team
Solution: Patriots

Question: Tight Shorts From The 70s
Solution: Hot pants

Question: US City Marriage Capital Of The World
Solution: Las vegas

Question: Worlds Largest Existing Type Of Land Animal
Solution: Elephant

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