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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Another Name For A Violin
Solution: Fiddle

Question: Big 7 Bright Stars In Ursa Major
Solution: Dipper

Question: Borough Of NYC Where Cyndi Lauper Was Born
Solution: Queens

Question: Buffy The Vampire
Solution: Slayer

Question: Circus Performers With Red Noses
Solution: Clowns

Question: City That Hosted The 2012 Summer Olympics
Solution: London

Question: Fairytale Pastel Citadel Near Lisbon
Solution: Sintra

Question: Gin Vermouth Cocktail With Pickled Onion
Solution: Gibson

Question: High Speed Trains In France Belgium And Germany
Solution: Thalys

Question: Hot Spicy Thai Soup Sounds Delicious
Solution: Tom yum

Question: Large Australian Mythical Amphibious Creature
Solution: Bunyip

Question: Laziest
Solution: Idlest

Question: Natural Ability
Solution: Talent

Question: Power Or Hand Tool For Smoothing Wood
Solution: Sander

Question: Pulp Fiction And Seven Psychopaths Christopher
Solution: Walken

Question: Removed Pencil Marks
Solution: Erased

Question: Romanization System Used For Chinese Characters
Solution: Pinyin

Question: Rubbed Out
Solution: Erased

Question: Sides Of A Cut Gemstone
Solution: Facets

Question: Thin Wispy Gray Or White Clouds
Solution: Cirrus

Question: Took Care Of Helped Back To Health
Solution: Nursed

Question: Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Solution: Lemony

Question: Wheel Buddhisms Cylinder Holding Invocations
Solution: Prayer

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