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Codycross Library Answers

Question: All Mammals Are Warm
Solution: Blooded

Question: Black 1959 Brazilian Inspired Play And Film
Solution: Orpheus

Question: Capital Of Maine
Solution: Augusta

Question: Citrus Fruit Cross Between Tangerine Grapefruit
Solution: Tangelo

Question: Copenhagen Is Capital Of This Scandinavian Nation
Solution: Denmark

Question: Dancing Like Madonna
Solution: Voguing

Question: Distressed Maidens Imprisoned In Towers
Solution: Damsels

Question: Jonathan Wrote The Corrections Novel
Solution: Franzen

Question: Main Language Spoken In Swiss Canton Of Ticino
Solution: Italian

Question: Material Wealth And Cash For Industrial Investment
Solution: Capital

Question: Name Of The Natives Of The Easter Island
Solution: Rapa nui

Question: Official Currency Of Paraguay
Solution: Guarani

Question: Paper Handkerchiefs
Solution: Tissues

Question: Scuff Marks Left By Dragging
Solution: Scrapes

Question: Soft Toffee Sauce
Solution: Caramel

Question: South Korean Car Brand Accent Elantra
Solution: Hyundai

Question: Stealing And Ransacking Goods Esp During War
Solution: Looting

Question: Striking Or Beating Reaching A Target
Solution: Hitting

Question: The First T In GATT
Solution: Tariffs

Question: The First State To Abolish Slavery
Solution: Vermont

Question: This Kind Of Pasta Is Filled Looks Like A Pillow
Solution: Ravioli

Question: Type Of Doctor That Performs Operations
Solution: Surgeon

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